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What Time of the Year Is Best for Seeding Your Lawn in Nebraska?
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What Time of the Year Is Best for Seeding Your Lawn in Nebraska?

Thursday, March 24, 2022

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A great way to achieve the thick, lush lawn that you dream about is to seed your lawn. However, not everyone knows the best time of year to schedule a seeding service. Here in Nebraska, it is recommended that you seed your lawn in the fall; this is because the combination of cooler air temperatures and warm soil provides the ideal environment for your new grass seeds. You shouldn't seed your lawn in the spring or summer because it will take much longer for your seedlings to establish root systems. If you want the best results for your lawn, you should schedule a core aeration service before you seed.

Why should you overseed your lawn in the fall?

The best time of the year to overseed your lawn is in the fall. This is primarily because your soil will still be warm from the summer while the air temperatures will be cooling down. Warm soil is necessary for optimum seed germination and will encourage your new seedlings to successfully establish root systems. The cooler air temperatures will assist your seeds in growing quickly and healthily before the winter comes. Weeds also struggle to germinate in the fall, meaning that your new grass seeds won't have to compete with pesky weeds for sunlight or vital nutrients. By seeding your lawn during the fall season, you can ensure that your new seedlings will have a stronger chance of taking root and growing successfully.

Seeding your lawn is an easy way to improve its appearance without having to tear up your current turf.

Why shouldn't you seed your lawn in the spring or the summer?

There are many reasons why you shouldn't seed your lawn in the spring or the summer; the most important reason is that hot weather can cause harm to your young, weak seedlings. Even if you seed your lawn in the early spring, your new grass seeds still won't have enough time to take root and establish themselves before the summer arrives. Also, many weed control programs run through the spring and summer; if you are signed up for regular weed control treatments, the herbicide could inhibit the germination of your seedlings. So, if you're going to seed your lawn, make sure you do it in the fall.

For the best results, schedule a core aeration service before seeding your lawn.

A lawn in Lincoln, NE being serviced with lawn aeration equipment.

While seeding your lawn is quite beneficial by itself, pairing the service with core aeration provides your lawn with maximum benefits. By aerating your lawn right before seeding it, you are giving your new seedlings a far better chance of successfully germinating and developing strong root systems. During a core aeration service, small plugs of soil will be removed from your entire lawn in order to loosen up any compaction and improve airflow and nutrient absorption. If you seed your lawn following this service, your new grass seeds will fall into the small holes left behind by the core aeration process. This maximizes seed-to-soil contact and helps the grass seeds to take root more quickly. If you want to get the most out of a seeding service, schedule it right after you aerate your lawn.

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