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We Offer the Top-Rated Core Aeration in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete & Nearby Cities in NE

Annual core aeration will help your grass grow healthy and strong.

Core aeration is a vital step in helping your grass obtain all the necessary nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. Soil compaction hinders the flow of these nutrients to the root system of your grass, and core aeration aims to fix this issue. Some soils are more prone to compaction than others, but almost all soils will benefit from core aeration. Many property owners in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete, Nebraska and the surrounding areas have utilized our core aeration service.

We recommend aerating your lawn at least once a year. During our aeration service, we thoroughly go over your lawn with our core aeration machine to ensure that we don't miss a spot. We offer this service independently from our other services but for best results, we recommend coupling it with our overseeding service at least every other year.

Our core aeration process prevents damage to your lawn from compaction.

Compaction occurs when things like lawnmowers, pets, or even people pass over an area of the lawn. Your soil and the thatch layer located immediately above your soil can become compressed. When this happens, it can prevent vital nutrients from reaching down into the soil to the root system of your grass. Clay-heavy soils are more susceptible to compaction damage but any soil can become compacted in heavy traffic areas.

During our core aeration process, we will use an aerator machine that utilizes hollow tines to pull up small plugs of soil that are approximately two to three inches long. Doing so will loosen up layers of thatch and soil to allow vital nutrients to travel deep into the soil to reach the roots of your grass.

The plugs of soil left on your lawn after core aeration will decompose and return vital nutrients back into your soil!

Core aeration should be scheduled annually to keep your lawn healthy.

Core aeration equipment servicing a lawn in Crete, NE.

We recommend scheduling core aeration once every fall. This helps your grass prepare for the winter season ahead, meaning less unpleasant surprises in the spring such as lawn disease or insect infestation. Our core aeration service runs primarily from mid-August through Thanksgiving but can go later if necessary. Core aeration is offered independently from all our other lawn care programs but certain services such as overseeding and fertilizing can be combined with core aeration.

Combine overseeding with our core aeration for best results!

We recommend combining overseeding with our core aeration service at least every other year to prevent your grass from thinning. When combining overseeding with core aeration, our team will aerate your yard twice. During our second round, we will spread grass seed throughout your yard. The freshly-aerated soil will allow better seed-to-soil contact for improved seed germination. With core aeration, the new openings in the soil allow seeds, as well as those vital nutrients, deeper access to the soil. We only offer our overseeding service when combined with core aeration.

Call to schedule our core aeration service for a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Core aeration is an essential service that you should be scheduling each and every year. Our company has been serving Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete, Nebraska and the surrounding areas since 2008. We have the knowledge and expertise to truly care for your lawn and give you the strong, green, lush grass you've always wanted. Call (402) 418-2233 today and schedule our core aeration service and get on the road to a healthier lawn today.