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Commercial Lawn Care & Maintenance in & Around Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, & Crete, NE

Our comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services include fertilization, weed control, fall cleanups, and more!

Commercial property with a lush, green lawn near Hickman, NE.

There are many different treatments and maintenance services that your property needs to look its best and be as healthy as possible; who has the time, energy, and resources to do those things themselves? With our lawn care and maintenance team at Yard Boss, you don't have to! We have been providing quality lawn services to commercial property owners in the Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, and Crete, NE areas since 2008. Our comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services include aeration, fertilization, lawn weed control, fall cleanups, and landscape bed weed control. Our company has the best lawn services for your commercial property because our team members are extensively trained and are experts in the field.

What do our commercial lawn care services include?

Lawn aeration cores extracted at a commercial property in Lincoln, NE.

Our lawn care services include everything your commercial property needs to remain healthy, including:

  • Aeration: We use our aeration machines to remove small cores of soil from your lawn. We make sure to go over your lawn twice with our machine to ensure that your soil is thoroughly loosened. This will ensure that essential nutrients, water, and sunlight can get through the soil and reach the roots of your grass so that your grass can grow nice and strong.
  • Fertilization: We offer a 5-step fertilization program. At the beginning of the program, we apply a balanced mix of fertilizers to your lawn to promote quick growth. Towards the end of the program, we apply a winterizing fertilizer to prepare your grass for the coming winter. This program begins in the spring and ends in late fall.
  • Weed control: Our fertilization program includes weed control treatments. We apply granular pre-emergent weed control treatments in the beginning steps of the program. Throughout the entire program, we spot spray any weeds that grow through the surface of your lawn.

What do our commercial lawn maintenance services include?

Denton, NE commercial property with landscaping and lawn care.

Our lawn maintenance services will help to keep your commercial property looking neat and tidy.

  • Fall cleanups: We offer multiple sub-services within fall cleanups, including perennial cutbacks, shrub trimming, and blowing leaves out of hard-to-reach areas. Our team also collects leaves, bags them, and removes them from your property. We offer fall cleanups from early November until late December.
  • Landscape bed weed control: We apply a post-emergent weed control spray to any weeds invading your landscape beds. We offer landscape bed weed control once a month from April until October.

What makes our lawn care and maintenance team the best choice for your commercial property?

Our lawn care and maintenance team at Yard Boss has the training and the expertise to keep your commercial property in top shape all year round. We know all the best techniques to enhance your commercial property's overall health and appearance. We personally ensure that you will be completely thrilled with the quality of our service and our team.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

Give us a call today to schedule our commercial lawn care and maintenance services!

Take the stress and frustration out of lawn care and maintenance by calling our team at Yard Boss. Our comprehensive lawn services will get your commercial property into perfect shape and keep it that way. Since 2008, we have been providing high-quality lawn services to commercial properties in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete, and nearby cities in Nebraska. If you are interested in upgrading your commercial property, call us at (402) 418-2233 to schedule our services today!