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5-Star Lawn Care Services in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete, & Nearby Areas of Nebraska

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We Offer the Best Lawn Care Services in & Around Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, & Crete, NE

Our comprehensive lawn care services will help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

When you think about all the steps it takes to achieve the perfect lawn, it may seem a bit overwhelming. From fertilization to overseeding to disease control, there's just so much to do! Take the stress out of upgrading your lawn and call Yard Boss. We offer our comprehensive lawn care services to property owners in the Lincoln, Nebraska area, including Hickman, Seward, and Crete. Our all-encompassing lawn care services include fertilization, weed control, core aeration, overseeding, lawn disease control, and lawn insect control. We also offer fertilization, disease control, and insect control for your trees and shrubs.


Lawn fertilization treatment applied by lawn care worker in Crete, NE.

Our 5-step fertilization program begins in the spring and ends in the fall. We provide a balanced mix of fertilizer at the beginning of the program to promote quick growth. Towards the end of the program, we apply winterizing fertilizer; this will give your grass the nutrients it needs to survive winter dormancy and green up quickly again when spring rolls around.

Weed Control

Thick, green lawn grass at a home in Lincoln, NE.

Our weed control service consists of 5 treatments throughout the year. During the first 2 steps of the program, we apply pre-emergent weed control treatments to target weeds before they even start to grow. We also spot spray for weeds during all 5 visits using a liquid weed control spray.

Our fertilizer and weed control treatments are part of one program.

Core Aeration

Core aeration hole in a lawn in Lincoln, NE.

While many lawn care companies will perform single-pass aeration, our core aeration technicians will perform double-pass aeration to be sure that your soil has been successfully loosened. We typically aerate from mid-August until the late fall.


Couple looking at their patchy lawn in Roca, NE.

Besides filling in thin patches of grass, our overseeding service also provides your lawn with benefits such as disease and drought resistance as well as insect control. Our lawn care team utilizes grass seeds that produce a mix of fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. We recommend you schedule our overseeding service every other year.

Lawn Disease Control

Dollar spot lawn disease found in a yard near Milford, NE.

Our lawn care team knows how to cure your lawn of the most common lawn diseases in Nebraska, such as dollar spot and fairy ring. We are able to cure your lawn of these diseases with 3 to 5 treatments that are applied in 30-day increments.

Lawn Insect Control

Lawn grubs rolling in grass near Hickman, NE.

Our lawn care team uses a 4-step program designed to not only get insect infestations under control but also to prevent insects from infesting your property in the first place.

We protect your lawn from common and potentially harmful lawn pests such as chiggers, spiders, ticks, and fleas.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Milford, NE property with landscape trees being fertilized.

Your grass isn't the only part of your yard that needs to be fertilized. Our tree and shrub fertilization service provides essential nutrients, encourages root growth, and enhances your plants' green color.

Tree & Shrub Disease & Insect Control

Japanese beetles damage to a tree in a lawn in Lincoln, NE.

Our lawn care professionals treat a variety of tree and shrub diseases and can prevent diseases from harming your plants in the future. Our tree and shrub insect control service protects your greenery from common harmful insects like bagworms and June beetles.

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Believe it or not, you might be closer to achieving your dream lawn than you think! Call our lawn care experts at Yard Boss to help you get there. We have been serving property owners in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete, and nearby areas in Nebraska since 2008. We also offer lawn services for commercial properties. Call us at (402) 418-2233 to schedule our comprehensive lawn care services today!