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Mosquito Control in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete, & Nearby Areas of Nebraska

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Mosquito Control in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete, NE & Surrounding Cities

Our mosquito control service will help to keep your property free of these pests!

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Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoor living spaces around your property. However, if your property is overrun by mosquitoes, it can be hard to enjoy your time outdoors and they may force you to go inside when you don't want to. When you sign up for our mosquito control service, we'll visit your property every month between June and September when mosquitoes are most problematic and treat it with our mosquito control product. We administer our mosquito control product via backpack foggers. Our mosquito control efforts will target all the areas around your property where mosquitoes try to hide.

We'll treat the shrubs and trees in your landscape beds, any grassy areas, and under the eaves of your building to make sure we get mosquitoes where they live. We'll also apply our treatment to your lawn for an additional blanket of protection. Our work is guaranteed, so if mosquitoes return at any point in between our monthly treatments, we'll return and re-treat your property to get rid of them. We offer our mosquito control service in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete and surrounding areas of Nebraska. Give our team a call at (402) 418-2233 to schedule our mosquito control service for your property today.

Our mosquito control treatment schedule starts in June and ends in September.

Summertime offers plenty of warm days and cool nights to enjoy the great outdoors. When the sun goes down, it could become painfully obvious that you are not alone. Our scheduled mosquito control treatments start as the temperature warms and mosquitoes become more active. We apply our mosquito control treatments once per month from June through September, to target mosquitoes when they are most active. Our treatments are designed to last until our next treatment, so there will never be a lapse in coverage.

Our mosquito control service targets mosquitoes throughout your property.

Our team of pest control specialists will come to your property equipped with our commercial-grade backpack foggers, ready to hit your mosquito problem head-on. Our foggers allow us to maximize the dispersal of our mosquito control product and cover as much area as possible for the best protection. Mosquitoes like to hide in damp and shaded areas throughout your property and our team will seek out these areas for targeted treatments to effectively eradicate the mosquito population. Areas such as trees, shrubs, mulched areas, patios, and even under the eaves of your building are places for mosquitoes to hide. Our team will make sure these areas won't harbor mosquitoes anymore. We'll also make a pass over your lawn to get any mosquitoes hiding in your grass.

We've been offering our services to property owners in Lincoln, NE and throughout the surrounding areas since 2008.

We'll come back and re-treat the area if there's an issue.

All services we offer are covered by our unconditional guarantee. If you have an issue, give us a call and we'll come back out and treat it. That means if you encounter a mosquito problem in between our scheduled treatments, we'll quickly come out to your property to re-treat those areas to effectively remove those pests!

Give us a call to schedule our mosquito control service.

You don't need to deal with mosquitoes as you're enjoying your outdoor spaces this summer. Our mosquito control service is available in Lincoln, Hickman, Seward, Crete and surrounding areas of Nebraska. Call our team of mosquito control experts at (402) 418-2233 to schedule our mosquito control treatments to keep you and your loved ones safe from these pests!